Tour du Matterhorn

A while ago me and Petter headed to Zermatt hungry for adventure. We had no plans going in, but after some deliberation we decided to try to circumnavigate o...

My running year in review

It's that time of year again, where one reflects on what has been and decides what to bring along into the next year and what to leave behind.

Running The Fisherman's Trail

A year and a half ago me and my friend Pedro set out on a mission to explore the south west coast of Portugal, more specifically the Fisherman's Trail.

Trail running in Stockholm

This might be Stockholms best kept trail secret. If you go here you'll experience one of the best trails around and you usually won't bump into a lot of people.

Anatomy of a DNF

After the first one it gets surprisingly easy, as a matter of fact it's easier to find a reason to quit than to go on and if you're not careful it turns into...

Race Report UTMB 2018

Suddenly we were off, after all the expectations and build up and craziness surrounding the race it felt almost anti-climatic.

Race report Swedish Alpine Ultra 2018

Six, that's how many times I've run this course, the most famous part of the Kungsleden trail, that starts in Nikkaluokta and ends in Abisko. I've run it the...